I first got involved with Rainbows Hospice for life limited children and young people in 2011, when I donated a couple of my storybook paintings to brighten their walls. When we dropped the pictures off, my wife offered my artistic services (Thank you Lynne : ) and I was thrilled to be asked to do two more, using a grant for materials. There are now 14 illustration type pictures dotted around the place

Find out more about Rainbows by visiting their website  

The place is just incredible, if you would like to support their amazing work you can look at donating on their website or on the link below

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Rainbows Grid

The most unlikely of friends - Pt1 - Copy

The most unlikely of friends - Pt2 Copy

Rainbows Hospice - Doctors Consulting Room

Elephant Conga

Welcome to Rainbows

Evening Clive

A little bit of magic

The Auditions

I could have sworn

In the Pink

Bum, lost count again!


A little bit of magic - Alternative Therapy Room

Lets kick some space butt

The Auditions - Music Therapy Room

Drs Room

In the Pink - Bedroom

Elephants Bums - Bedroom

Nurses station 2

Elephants Bums

Maurice makes an appearance - Studio


All sorts
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