I donated a couple of my storybook paintings to Rainbows back in 2011. When my wife Lynne and I dropped the pictures off at the Hospice, she kindly offered my painting services (Thank you Lynne : ) and I was delighted to be asked to do a couple more. At last count there were 14 illustration type pictures dotted around

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Rainbows Grid

The most unlikely of friends - Pt1 - Copy

The most unlikely of friends - Pt2 Copy

Rainbows Hospice - Doctors Consulting Room

Elephant Conga

Welcome to Rainbows

Evening Clive

A little bit of magic

The Auditions

I could have sworn

In the Pink

Bum, lost count again!


A little bit of magic - Alternative Therapy Room

Lets kick some space butt

The Auditions - Music Therapy Room

Drs Room

In the Pink - Bedroom

Elephants Bums - Bedroom

Nurses station 2

Elephants Bums

Maurice makes an appearance - Studio


All sorts
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